#1: Take a mom-minute!

You may be thinking: "Um, so, now I'm with my kids ALL the time?"

Yes, this is insane. But no, you don't have to lose your mind.

First, breathe. Everybody’s gonna be ok. Your only job right now is to survive. We acknowledge being locked in the house all day long with kids who are experiencing loss and feeling disconnected is HARD! It's stressful. It may even be traumatic.

Just remember, the main thing your kids need is you. "If mom's not happy, nobody's happy." Self-care is not optional. It's a necessity, especially at this time.

Take the pressure off. Call a day off from school stress. Let it all go.

As you focus on building healthy relationships with your kids, they really are gonna be just fine as you figure this out.

You are strong and courageous. You are raising the next generation with heart and values that will change the way your children see the world.

Start with what you know. You are competent, and you’ve got this!

#2: Imagine the possibilities

You may be thinking: "Am I homeschooling now or what?"

Here we are. Stuck at home with nowhere to go. And now we're trying to figure out how to continue our kids' education—while working, planning, wrestling with this strange new normal, and maybe panicking a little.

We're balancing financial stress and more, but we can still help our kids make positive and lasting childhood memories. Maybe they're eating more meals with the family, getting great sleep, playing board games, or becoming friends with their siblings again.

What if the stay home orders could free us all to live according to priorities and values we've perhaps neglected? Is there a silver lining to this coronavirus cloud?

Maybe we should ask ourselves,

"If we had all the freedom in the world, what would our family life look like? What would the kids' education look like? How might the kids blossom and flourish if they were able to operate at a pace that works for them?"

#3: Less #instagood, more #nailedit

Let's get real about expectations. This is hard. We can't compare ourselves to others.

You’ve heard about those people who clamor over seemingly insurmountable obstacles to create or accomplish something amazing:

Mother Teresa; Helen Keller; Harriet Tubman, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor ... you know, normal people. LOL.

It’s easy to imagine some people are simply in a different category. But, really, they all had at least one thing in common with you and me:

Just like us, they failed. Often.

Even as you try to create a new family rhythm that works there will be ups and downs.

Especially for working moms who can barely look up from their laptop for 8 hrs, this moment of intense family focus is a high “feedback” environment. There’s gonna be a lot of trial and error.

Your family is not a school — it's different, its unique. It might be messy (and even messier now) buts it's yours and isn't it beautiful?"

Remember, failure is normal—not final. This is the time to build resilience and grace.

#4: Learning Together

You may be thinking: "Seriously? Now I’m the parent AND the teacher?"

Make it a goal to flatten the curve at home. Frustration spreading into meltdowns?

We can empower our kids by letting them know we're committed to learning how they learn best.

DANGEROUS IDEA: Maybe you don’t have to be the “sage on the stage.” Maybe you can be the “guide on the side.”

This means you don’t have to be the expert on ANY subject. You don't have to fill your teacher's shoes. Permission: granted.

Learning along with your kids is one of the best things about this time! Choosing a non-authoritative teaching posture is all about encouragement and inspiration. Curiosity is learning that happens at any time. Keep your kids' brains active and curious as you find the working style that's best for them.

Through it, you get to become really knowledgeable about your kids: who they are, what lights them up, what they gravitate toward or resist, what they think and feel.

You get to discover your child's gifts, and they get to know yours, too. It's kinda the best secret of all.  :)

#5: If it's broke, you CAN fix it

You may be thinking: "What if public school at home isn't working? What do I do?"

One indisputable fact about our current situation: it caught the public school system by surprise!

With varied levels of support being offered to students right now, the pressure is on for parents. If you're asking yourself how you'll ever get through June or maybe longer, here's something you should hear.

The foundational freedom of homeschooling is that no homeschool looks alike. You can learn from others, but the scene in your house doesn’t have to look like anyone else's.

Your kids can “do school” at the kitchen table. But they don’t have to. They can “do school”  on the couch. But they don’t have to.

The point is, learning can become the pattern of your lives, not a specific pattern of the day. Learning can become the mentality of every moment, not just a specific and planned event. It can become your lifestyle.

Let HSLDA help you see what the freedom to homeschool can look like!

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