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School Shutdowns Impact Moms


My kids are home, so am I homeschooling now?

Homeschooling is characterized by freedom. If family rhythms and values are driving your day and steering your kid’s education, then yes, this is a taste of homeschooling. However, the intensity, stress and pressure to replicate school at home is NOT homeschooling. It’s crisis schooling, and it’s tough! We're here to offer support to help you thrive, while in survival mode.

I'm in survival mode, literally. What's the bare minimum needed to continue my child's education?

Read, read, read, and then listen to audio books. Start with bite-size chunks of time (set a timer) for “must do” subjects like math and writing.

How can I be BOTH my child's parent and teacher?

Take the pressure off yourself. You don’t need to be the “sage on the stage,” who knows and teaches it all. Instead, be the “guide on the side,” learning with and alongside your child. This helps alleviate some of the power struggles and gives you a taste of the best part of homeschooling—assisting them with their unique rhythms, routine and educational needs.

Do I need to try and copy the daily school schedule at home? 

Nope, because here’s the new homeschool math: You + a simple plan + your child = 1–3 hours of school each day! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish without the distractions of a classroom (the number of hours needed will depend on the age and needs of your child.)

How on earth can I do all this?

You can do this! One moment at a time, at a grace-filled pace. One trial, error and success at a time, you’ll get this. 

For those with multiple children in multiple grades, who are getting bombarded with assignments and online classes for each child and who don’t have the necessary technology for each child to attend different classes or work on different assignments at the same time, this can be an impossible situation. 

Not to mention trying to balance working at home or being out of work--this is a challenge and we sympathize! What families need right now is simplicity, less stress, and more stability.   

You and your child were made for each other. Because you love them fiercely, you’ll figure this out. Not perfection, but with support and perseverance, you’ll get loving progress.

What should I do if the school is not giving me any specific direction or support?

Take your time decompressing from a rigid school schedule. Focus on the key skill areas (like reading, math, and language arts) for a few hours a day. A lot can be accomplished in just 30 minute blocks of time and your kids can continue to learn! See sample schedule ideas, and check-out on our handy resource page.

Do I have to do what the school says?

If you’re experiencing little direction or overwhelming and conflicting directions, you do have options. If your child is enrolled in public school, you are legally required to comply with the school’s instructions. As a parent, you have a right to communicate your needs to the school and request modifications. However, they are not obligated to make the changes you’re requesting.

Also remember that you have the legal freedom to finish the school year as official homeschoolers. And, if you want to, you can re-enroll your child back in school in the fall. It is your choice! If you do choose to homeschool, let HSLDA help you un-enroll from the school and file any necessary paperwork to legally homeschool.

States are handling the school situation differently. It’s a fluid and dynamic situation. In order for you to get the most up-to-date advice, our lawyers and legal team are available to help you. For general free information about homeschooling in your state, visit, but for specific legal questions, our team is standing by ready to help you join.

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