Hey Mom, have questions about Homeschooling? Here’s what other moms had to say.

What’s the most surprising thing about homeschooling?

35% How fun it is

26% How hard it is

21% How easy it is

19% Actually, it's none of those things...


The most surprising thing about homeschooling is how ignorant most of the population is regarding it. I stopped taking my daughter out during school hours because I got tired of hearing "no school, today?" After years of trying to courteously answer, I started to tell people, as nice as I could, that my child's business is not for them to know. Now, I just don't go out til the local school is out.


How much I've learned over the last 35 years. We would study something for school and I would need to take out every book on the subject because it was so interesting. I learned the best reason to homeschool is for yourself. You can pick up what you missed the first time through and help your kids to learn it the first time.


I was surprised how engaged and happy my son was to start homeschooling. Also, I was surprised how proud he was to tell kids he met in the park that he was homeschooled (when asked what school does he go too). It isn't common where we are from.


You’re not alone.

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