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What do you feel discouraged about?


Not really discouraged, but I don't like when I say my kids are homeschooled and people give you that look like you're nuts. People can think whatever they want that's not the problem, the problem is society itself making homeschooling taboo, when each year there is more and more people doing it.

Nan HSLDA Member

We homeschooled all of our kids in middle school but homeschooling a high schooler is new territory for us. My youngest is a Freshman and seems to love classical style education and says he knows homeschooling is the right choice for him. He is recently, however, struggling with time management and completing assignments. He says he feels his whole life is just about school. Sadly, his childhood friends and our neighbors have moved on without him and aren't supportive of his homeschooling choice. Our public school district is where most kids in our area attend high school. I worry he is not enjoying reading and writing like he used to and is discouraged mainly due to lacking social opportunities with accepting friends. He is involved in our church youth group but feels like the odd man out being the only homeschooler. He is also in a homeschool band class, however, the kids aren't very social or even conversational. I know of some homeschool co-ops but they aren't nearby. I would love any suggestions of organizations, groups, activities welcoming to high school homeschoolers.


I feel like we don't accomplish enough. I wonder if our pace is too slow. And I can't figure out how to keep the house clean and do homeschool. It's either or. Not both.


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