Hey Mom, have questions about Homeschooling? Here’s what other moms had to say.

What are your favorite math activities?

20% Worksheets

51% Finding math in the world around us

16% Educational videos

13% Hiding under my bed until it's over


Really don’t have a favorite. We do lots of worksheets though. Math is not my two girls favorite subject so I have to try to show them that we use math in every day life. My son who has trouble learning likes math. He struggles with other subjects but it seems he has a natural ability for numbers.


I can't choose just one, we use worksheets to begin. Then we venture into the world and we use math in shopping, gardening, everything we do. I don't want my children to see math as something that you do just during school time, I want them to see it everywhere, in all that they are doing.


Also, math games.


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