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How do you find JOY?


I find joy through gratitude. When I think of all the blessing I have, both physically and spiritually, how can I not be joyful? For example, if I am doing a task I don't like doing, I remember to be grateful that I am physically healthy and can do that task. When I find I am not joyful, I realize it is because I've forgotten to be grateful.


It has to come from the Lord. Any other joy is fleeting. I love Ann Voskamps 1000 gifts. Looking at everything the Lord provides and recognizing his goodness, faithfulness, and generosity recanters my thinking and can send my spirit soaring.


Well, besides Joy in Christ, there are two things that have been bringing me joy, lately. 1. Family Laughter. I love watching my teen girls acting silly and ditsy and laughing at the crazy things all the kids do. Watching them laugh together is a wonderful. 2. I also have been filled with joy as I sit in church. Knowing that all these people surrounding me, all woke up in the morning, got dressed, and drove to church, some for MILES, 'just' to worship together as a congregation. The unity is awesome. There will most likely come a day when we can no longer legally do that, so being aware of the blessing of Today, makes me appreciate each face even for.


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