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How do you cultivate PATIENCE?


confess my impatience by thinking carefully about why I lost my temper (ie. What was I wanting more than pleasing God?). Then pray and ask for help from God. Memorize verses about patience. plan and practice how I will respond next time.


This is a tricky question. As a Christian, patience a fruit of the Spirit. So it isn't something you can get or can just have. Some people will pray for it, but that doesn't really make sense to me. You can ask in prayer for the fruit of the tree, but it's something the Gardner cultivates, not people. Some personalities have different tolerances for being patient. I see people who are more patient as more likely to be someone who knows God. Sometimes people will tell me I am patient when I am out with my kids (which I is not how I view myself really).:) I didn't use to be patient at all before I was a Christian. I'm not in control, and my actions are a choice.


Well, having children in and of itself, has been the greatest teacher in patience. Beyond that, Bible reading and prayer, as well as devotional study in the subject.


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