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How do you build up your children?

22% Give more responsibility

17% One-on-One time

15% Surprise family activity

46% Encouraging notes or words


My special needs so he loves time but he learning more


When my husband and I share the struggles that we went through at various stages, it helps our kids to be comfortable to come to us when they are going through something that many kids would rather keep to themselves. I have found that our kids may have made some foolish decisions even after having heard our cautions on the subject. It doesn't take very long for them to come to us, share, and acknowledge that what we said might happen, did. This helps them to realize that it is actually beneficial to pay attention to what we have learned ourselves. I did not have this benefit in my growing up years, though I have always considered my childhood a very happy one. Though I have always loved and admired my parents were not hands-on in quite the same way. I don't think they knew quite how to be open with us. Not until their sunset years. Being open with your children , being honest even if not in detail, helps so much!


We also make up happy songs


You’re not alone.

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