Hey Mom, have questions about Homeschooling? Here’s what other moms had to say.

Are you proud of yourself?

23% Yes

61% Sometimes

11% Seldom

5% Hardly at all


I am proud of what the Lord has done in and through me, that he worked the weakness and frailties of this women to accomplish something in the life of my children and family.

Lizzy Grant

I’m honestly struggling a bit right now w/ homeschooling my oldest two (girls age 5 1/2 and 7) while also chasing around two active toddler boys (2 1/2 and 18mo) w/ a husband who works out of town at least two weeks out of the month. Just taking one day at a time, trusting in the Lord’s sustaining grace and receiving from His hand my daily bread and new morning mercies!! 🙌🏻💛


I seldom do. I feel like I'm failing much of the time with my kids schooling, parenting and being a homemaker.


You’re not alone.

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